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Participation in the lawmaker's process and actions is important, as they impact us all.

Salem, Oregon


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Legislators responsibility
Legislators are responsible to you and all citizens of Oregon to develop options.  An opinion is not the best solution, and is only as good as the legislator.

Options however incorporate the best ideas from all legislators and eliminate all individual, special-interest groups, and political party. Options rather than opinions provide the best solution.

No matter if the decision based upon individual, group or political parties goals, without options it is not the best solution. Without incorporating the best from all parties, the quality of the decision is based solely on the outcome of a vote, and has limited value. Or at least is not the best option.

How do you evaluate your legislator?
When you're listening to your legislator look for the options that were created and an explanation why they supported a particular option.

If your legislator does not mention the options that were considered then they are doing nothing more than expressing an opinion. No matter whether you agree with how they voted, without options you don't know whether there were better choices.

A legislator should be held accountable for their participation in developing options incorporating the best of all parties.

It's easy to tell if your legislator is interested in developing the best options possible. Listen to how they talk about individuals and how they address you.

  • Someone who wants to express an opinion the primary method of communication is to tell
  • If an individual wants to develop an option, the primary method of communication is to ask

Legislators who use telling as their primary communication style are interested in winning. To them, winning is more important than developing options in part because you evaluate your legislator based upon whether they win.

Find out if your legislator is only as good as having an opinion. I would bet in most cases it's your opinion.

Video at the Oregon State Legislature

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(Tim Cowan begins speaking at 03:49 in the video)

Or click this link to listen to the testimony online


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